Friday Night:

Auditorium - Our auditorium will be the venue for Opening Ceremonies on Friday Night. It has been newly renovated and holds seating for 900+ people. It is used for convocation, our DOW speaker series, and special event programming. 
Appalachian Room - This is a large multi-purpose meeting room where we showcase pieces of art from around the state of West Virginia. This room will be used for our President's Social.
Frankenberger Art Gallery - Our Frankenberger Art Gallery is one of our premiere art galleries on campus and features works from students at the University of Charleston. This is used for special occasions and is located directly across from the Appalachian Room. This will be used for our NRHH Social.
Rotunda - The Rotunda has the tenants of the University of Charleston painted in huge murals all throughout the walls.It is an open area with a balcony overlooking our beautiful state capitol complex. This room will be used for the Advisor's Social.

Clay Tower Building 101 - This is our largest classroom made with stadium style seating, power outlets at every seat, massive whiteboards, a large drop-down projector screen, and easily controlled lighting for quality viewing. It also has a full podium with controllable sound and a clicker/laser pointer. Speakers are also located at each seat for those who might have a hearing impairment. This classroom will be used for NCC Boardrooms.

Clay Tower Building 102/103 - Classrooms that will be used for the NRHH & President's Boardrooms respectively. Each holds between 40-50 people. These offer whiteboards, lots of power outlets, and full podiums and screens. These rooms can easily be rearranged to cater to any need you may have.

Riggleman Hall 123 - This room will be available to our advisors and will house their programming. You will have access to front and side whiteboards for maximum writing space, a projector and screen, full podium and can hold a large number of people. 

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