Pre-Conference Philanthropy

As part of our "Yes We Can" theme and our red, white, and blue conference colors we would like to do a pre-conference philanthropy to honor our armed forces. We would like you to gather up the "troops" at your school and write letters for soldiers. Bring your letters and you will be given spirit points towards the regional spirit point competition. All of the letters will be given to our local National Guard unit to give to troops that are deployed overseas.

Hospitality Suite 

Hospitality Suite will be open both Friday & Saturday nights from 9 pm to 12 am. We will be having lots of fun things to do and will be providing tons or board games to play with other delegations! There will also be foods and drinks to snack on after boardrooms are over.  


Here at the University of Charleston we have several ready and willing organizations to help us put on the best possible event for you! We have 40+ organizations on campus and are contacting all of them to help with No Frills 2013. We are confident that we already have more than enough volunteers secured for No Frills  2013 to make sure you have an amazing experience in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

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