The Charleston Ramada is a full service hotel located directly on the banks of the Kanawha River.  It is within walking distance of several great restaurants and attractions within the downtown area.

The hotel is made up of 12 floors and will be newly renovated for your arrival. There are both ADA compliant and non-smoking rooms. There will be free wireless internet and flat screen televisions in each sleeping room. There are also desks, coffee makers and hairdryers. Other hotel accommodations include a full-service business center for all your last minute bidding needs. an exercise center, and the new Recovery Sports Grill restaurant.

On Friday night if you would like, the Atrium CafĂ© is located directly within the hotel. And if you would like you can reserve a private room for you and your delegation. You could also eat at the Recovery Sports Grills. It houses big screen TVs all around the restaurant with individual speaker boxes so you can hear the big game! It has been decorated with sports memorabilia from all around the state, including UC!

While you are saying with us for No Frills 2013 delegations will be staying in double bed rooms with others from their delegations (numbers permitting). Advisors will have their choice of either a single or a double room. Please mark your preference on your registration sheet once they become available.  

If you would like to stay an extra night at the hotel please contact our Housing Chair, Shere-Khan Smoot, at He will send your information on to the hotel. 

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