The University of Charleston has more than adequate ability to ensure that No Frills 2013 is safe no matter what may happen.The University is accustomed to hosting a variety of entertainment, political, and conference venues. Some of which include, but are not limited to, a Vice President of the United States, three presidential candidates, high-profile celebrities, and dignitaries.

The University of Charleston has many protective elements and measures currently in place. The Safety and Security Department is directly linked by radio to Metro 911 and all local police, fire and EMS personnel. The Safety and Security Department has in place a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan in conjunction will local and federal agencies. Some additional elements include:

Measures in Place Regularly

(8) Full-time officers including the Chief and Assistant Chief.
Cruiser and foot patrols throughout campus 24/7 – 365 days a year. Normally there is always a minimum of two uniformed officers on duty day and night. Addition officers are utilized for special events.
Access control (card access) to all residence halls.
Approximately (150) state of the art digital cameras cover the entire campus.
Emergency text messaging system is in place (“Global Alert”).
Can be contacted by calling the office number, 24-hour voice pager, cell phone or through Metro 911 operators during an emergency.
Three emergency call boxes strategically situated on the main campus at the central, east, and west parts of the campus. One is located in front of the Geary Student Union, a second “Blue light” call box is located near the School of Pharmacy, and the third call box is located between Brotherton Hall and Triana Parking lot.
Charleston Police patrol units also provide periodic courtesy patrols in addition to the patrols conducted by the campus officers.

Measures in case of an emergency

All suspicious transients without valid reason to be on campus are immediately field interrogated by our staff and must produce valid ID or be subject to eviction and or arrest for trespassing.
The University of Charleston is the only college in the area that has the “Broadcaster” (audible) emergency alert system that allows the staff to broadcast “live” voice messages to a PA system  across campus (directly from our mobile hand held radios).
The department participates in the regional law enforcement intelligence briefings in conjunction with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, The W. Va. Fusion Intelligence Center and the FBI.
A modern hospital (Charleston Area Medical Center –Memorial Division) is located within three blocks of the campus with EMS/Fire units located nearby.

Additional Security Information will be Available in your Registration Packets upon Arrival.

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