Charleston, WV is conveniently located at the junction of I-64, I-79, I-77 and US routes 35 and 60. This makes it accessible to all of the attending delegates. 

Delegations may also choose to fly or take the train. The two airports that delegations can fly into are Yeager Airport (CRW) and Huntington Tri-State Airport (HTS). Delegations that fly to Yeager Airport (CRW) or ride the train to the Amtrak Station (CHW) will enjoy complementary transportation to the Ramada. A conference team member will be there with Ramada‚Äôs airport shuttles to greet arriving delegates at the airport and Amtrak stations.  Although, if you choose to fly into Huntington Tri-State Airport you will need to provide your own transportation to Charleston. All delegations will also enjoy complimentary transportation between the Ramada and the University of Charleston. The school has offered use of its buses to eliminate the stress of driving to and from the school, making sure that you are on time for all events taking place throughout the weekend. ADA compliant vehicles are available upon request. 

If your delegations choose to drive separately to UC's campus for events you can park at the University free of charge. Please note this on your registration form though as we will need an accurate count for parking permits.

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