Dr. Edwin H. Welch is a native of Maryland and earned degrees from Western Maryland College, Boston University School of Theology, and Boston University Graduate School. He studied International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Higher Education Administration at the Harvard Institute for Educational Management. His Ph.D. is in Social Ethics and he is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. 

Dr. Welch served in the Executive Office of the President at The White House from 1961 until 1971 in the administrations of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.

Dr. Welch began his teaching career at West Virginia Wesleyan College.  Prior to coming to Charleston, he served for eight years as the Provost at Wartburg College in Iowa.

Dr. Welch has been President of the University of Charleston since 1989.  He has led the institution through a period of unprecedented fundraising, expansion of full-time student enrollment, redefining the institution’s mission, transforming its academic program, adding graduate programs in pharmacy, physician’s assistant and business, constructing 7 of the 11 buildings on campus, and acquiring national recognition for UC’s leadership in outcomes-based learning and student assessment.  He led the creation of a central administrative computing corporation (i.e., ICE) which serves seven colleges and universities. 

In May 2006, Dr. Welch was given the first-ever Charles L. Foreman Award for Innovation in Private Higher Education by the Foundation for Independent Higher Education.  A year later, Dr. Welch was the recipient of the 2007 YMCA Spirit of the Valley Award in recognition of his exemplary community service, and his selfless concern and care for the Charleston community.  He has the unique distinction of having a tug boat named for him.

Dr. Welch takes great pride in the ongoing transformation of the University of Charleston into a leader in private higher education.

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